Welcome to Lodiphie Laboratory
In 2009, Shanghai Jiaotong University invested 22M RMB to start up this lab. Three advanced instruments have been set up by March of 2011. In addition, liquid He recycle system, polishing machine, MBE and etc. were also installed.
Department of Physics, School of Science,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang, Shanghai,
200240, China
Tel: +86 (0)21 5474 3164
Webmaster: canhualiu (at) sjtu.edu.cn

2014/5, Hui Han joined us as a secretary. Yanmei Zhao, the former secretary, happily left. Many thanks for your work, Xiao Zhao...

2013/4/16 Prof. Shoucheng Zhang visited us and gave a public talk entitled 《我的中国梦》 (My China dream).

2013/4/13-14 We held a workshop on topological matters by the West Lake in Hangzhou .

2013/3/19 Prof. Richard E. Palmer visited us and gave a talk at ISSP-seminar.

2013/2/19 A paper entittled "Quasiparticle dynamics in reshaped helical dirac cone of topological insulators" was published on PNAS.

2012/12/18 Both Meixiao Wang and Fang Yang got the national prize, which worthes RMB 30,000.

2012/10/15 Dandan Guan joined our laboratory as an associated researcher.

2012/9/21 Jianfeng Ge got the "Poster Prize" on Autumn Meeting 2012 of Chinese Physics Society. His wok was on developement of surface electronic transport measurement system.

2012/7/6 A paper entittled "Spatial and Energy Distribution of Topological Edge States in Single Bi(111) Bilayer" was published on Physics Review Letter.
2012/5/26-27, We had a workshop at the foot of Tianmu Mountain, where all of us had a good time in sighseeing and jogging.
2012/3/15 A paper entittled "The Coexistence of Superconductivity and Topological Order in the Bi2Se3 Thin Films" was published on Science.